Front of the widget:
  1. Click here to go to the stock price tracking site
  2. Click here to go to the referring site
  3. Click here to delete this stock from the list
  4. This is the date in which the stock was retrieved
  5. This is the warning badge: it appears whenever a new stock is found; click it to stop the alarm sound
  6. This is the update badge: it appears when a new version of the widget is available for download: click it to get the updated version
Back of the widget:
  1. Click here to enable or disable growl notifications (you must have growl installed on your system in order for them to work)
  2. Click here to enable or disable acoustic notifications
  3. Click here if you prefer the "classical alarm sound" acoustic alarm, or check the radio button below if you prefer a system sound instead
  4. Click here if you want the alarm sound to repeat until your explicit stop (clicking on the warning badge in the front of the widget), or click below if you want it to repeat only for a fixed amount of times (1 to 30)
  5. Select the period of the repeating alarm sound
  6. Click here if you want the widget to automatically delete from the list stocks that have been added since more than 3 days
  7. Click here to get to this help page
This widget is © Paolo Grifantini (contact: Click here to send mail) and is licensed under a
Creative Commons License
The stocks displayed in the screen-shots are in NO WAY suggested by me, and I don't even know what companies they are.
I take no responsibility if you buy them and lose all your money.
I deny any responsibility in problems related to the malfunctioning of this software.